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    Classic slot machines on the Internet The classic slot machines are still known from Bars or once you have a look at a gaming library. They attract attention with their flashing lights and occasional sounds over and over again. In recent years, they have also made use of the Internet and are now in almost all Online Casinos in the range. There is a difference in the games, however, because not only are modern Video slot machines, which are complex programmed and provide with a lot of show elements for mood represented. The classic Slots are on offer and you have a solid fan base. They are also suitable for many, who dare to take their first steps in the Online Casino, as they are easier to understand than the elaborate games. History of slot machines First of all, to the development of the slot machines, because it is hard to believe but more than 120 years now. 1895 to be precise, Charles August Fey, a German emigrant, introduced his "Liberty Bell". A further development of the traditional poker machine was built by him with 3 reels and simple winning combinations. This made him the first mechanical slot machine to be able to pay out winnings on its own. The previous attempts all could not. Popularity of online slot machines After a short time, his machine was so popular that he founded his own company to produce it professionally. By renting the machines, he was able to secure early part of profit of the equipment and was not only on sale. He named the slot machine after the freedom bell, which was rang during the presentation of the declaration of independence. Due to the naming, the jackpot with the three Bell symbols in a row was also to be won. Symbols on the reels After some of the poker machines had already been in existence, one has also taken on the signs of Spades, hearts and diamonds on the basis of their reference for the first slot machines. And as luck symbols should end of the 19th century. In the 19th century, the Horseshoe served. After the first slot machine was named after a bell, it was also one of the first symbols. To this day you can always find exactly these pictures on the classics. Another Trend then became the fruit slot machines. These were actually more out of necessity. Gambling for money was banned for a while and you could only win chewing gum. The fruit symbols showed the flavour that was obtained. To date you can find the cherries, oranges, lemons and so on and the fruit theme at the Games is very popular. Classic slot machines at the Online Casino When the Trend came with the Internet and the first online Casinos formed, had already done a lot in the development of slot machines. Video slot machines that were purely electronic and had no mechanics left, which had to be started with the lever at the side, had spread out. These games, which already consisted of a Software, could easily be prepared for the Internet. Despite this progress, many customers have asked for the classic one-armed bandits. Although you can not operate a lever in the Online Casino but the surface of the mechanical devices was also programmed for the digital providers. Download or Browser Version It's a good idea to save the project, because that will allow you to change the project in case you decide to do something different with future sliders. A Download is now rarely necessary. The games are directly available in the Browser and also very high quality and are no longer available in the Download versions. The change also has a lot to do with mobile Casinos. In the meantime, the gaming banks have set themselves on the Internet, that many customers log in with the Smartphone or Tablet. The easiest way and everywhere where there is an internet reception, is to use the mobile Browser. The world of entertainment is available to you anytime, anywhere. Although there are some, you do not need to download the App for the mobile devices, unless you are hoping for easier access to the favorite games. Play slot machines for free If you are unsure whether the games are right for you, you can just try them out. Play the popular Slots for free without registration at almost any Casino. Because they all offer a Play Money Version just for testing for all titles. Here you play with a purely fictional credit and can determine whether you have fun or not and do this without taking a risk. If you don't just want to play, you'll have to create a user account where you should verify yourself. At the latest when you apply for your first withdrawal you have to do it anyway and if you think early enough, you save yourself time afterwards to withdraw winnings. Only when you play for Real Money Can you keep your winnings. Although you play in low-risk fun mode, unfortunately you can't keep or use it in the event of a streak of luck. Slot machines with random number generator The classic slot machines have worked mechanically and so was set by the lever on the side by pulling down the rollers in motion. Suddenly, they stopped and showed you the symbols and their combinations. Although there is no longer the lever of the single-armed bandits, the reels are still standing at once for pure chance. Nowadays a random generator takes over the function of the lever and stops the symbols also purely randomly. The random generator, which is checked regularly, ensures that everything is always serious in the game and that no manipulation is possible. 3 Reel Slot Fey had simplified the slot machine for his purposes and used only 3 reels. With the classic titles, this has remained so to this day. The advantage of the 3 Reels is that it remains manageable even as a customer and you can understand the game quickly and easily. In the 5 reel slot machines, e gives so many paylines that even sometimes you don't know what a Payline is and what you need to win symbols and order. 3 Reel Slot bonus rounds The bonus rounds were actually only in the modern Video slot machines. However, once you have noticed how popular the bonus games are, you have tried to introduce them to the classics. In a special combination, the bonus game is started immediately. You then have the opportunity to increase your profit and make more of it. The Free Spins also bring even more entertainment and a little more variety in the game. New Slot Multiline Features If you choose a 3 reel Slot, you usually want to play a simple game. Alone the expression, Multiline Features deters many. Everyone fears that it will be as complicated as the Video Slots and that you will no longer understand if and especially what you have just won. It's not that complicated. Because there will usually be only 3 or 5 paylines anyway. This results in new combinations, which are not too complicated. The new combinations give you additional chances of winning, so you are likely to win more often. Classic and Video slot machines in comparison The classics focus heavily on the rollers and try to run as easily as possible. The customer immediately understands how it works and at first glance, when the reels stop, he knows if he has won. The combinations are easy to remember. Video slot machines come with complex graphics, Videos to the Start of the game or even every round. There are 5 reels and this multiplies the winning combinations. Many are the vast amount of paylines you can play too complicated, and all on the other hand, higher chances are to achieve a profit. In addition to elaborate Special Effects, striking graphics and the many additional symbols, the bonus games also differ. They decide whether to increase your profit or not. Summary The classic slot machines are still very popular and for good reason. Especially as a beginner you are doing here much easier to get around. With a lot of practice, you're pretty quick to get the spin out and no longer just rely on what the Casino Software shows you. By using bonus rounds and Multiline options in classic games, they are as interesting as the elaborate Video Slots. The games are far from as boring as you could think and in many cases even optimized for the mobile Browser. The 3-reel slot machines have evolved over time just as the modern online Casinos have changed and adapted over and over again. Who does not need it quite so expensive, but wants to focus purely on the game, is right here. You're going to have a lot of fun, and the selection of Games is also very large, so the variety is guaranteed.