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Thread: Something you may want to know about Chibeasties 2 Slot by Yggdrasil

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    Something you may want to know about Chibeasties 2 Slot by Yggdrasil

    The reels are transparent and framed with two tree trunks with merged-looking tree tops. As you spin the reels, you will enjoy sound effects which are totally theme appropriate and cartoon-like. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit Yggdrasil Gaming Casinos to play for real money.

    Chibeasties 2 is a video slot powered by Yggdrasil Gaming software with 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. The idea hiding behind this slot is slightly unusual but already seen, since this is a sequel. Chibeastes are small colorful and cute-looking creatures with big black eyes who reside in forest.

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    For some time now, I have always tried to be one of the first players to play each of the new slots released by the company “Yggdrasil Gaming” because there are several pleasant surprises that I have already had with these beautiful slots; they are well-designed and many times quite generous too.

    However, one of the few video slots manufactured by Yggdrasil within my blacklist is Chibeasties, and today I was hoping that its new slot “Chibeasties 2” would have enough power to make me change my mind about these slots starring these strange wild creatures.

    Today after playing the second version of this slot for a long time, I can assure you that not only I have not changed my concept about this slot, but I think it has even worsened, even though this new slot has been equipped with 4 different features related to the way the wild symbols appear, which by the way, they can be chosen according to the preferences of the player.

    The 4 modes we can choose for the special function that will be applied to wild symbols are: Expansion, Imitation, Teleportation and Diffusion, which at first sight look quite interesting since they theoretically have the ability to fill our reels with wild symbols; however, the reality is that these features are subordinate to the appearance of each standard wild symbol to be able to show all their power, and I believe here is where we find the first great weakness of this game since wild symbols appear at a very low rate and additionally, you will rarely see more than one wild symbol on the reels, and in my case, I never got 3+ wilds that would optimize my chances of getting a big win.

    Throughout my whole session, I only got a big win on two or three occasions, and none of them was more than 22x my total bet, and these were thanks to another feature called “Mutation” that randomly allows, in some turns, our wilds to activate not only one but two special modes simultaneously.

    Unfortunately, the scarcity of wild symbols is not the only weakness here as “Chibeasties 2” is also configured with fairly modest prices per line, a fact that has the ability to darken any work done by the special features mentioned above.

    Obviously, my session today ended with losses and unfortunately today I just found a new slot to be included on my blacklist.

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    Before you go looking for these cute creatures, you are advised to set your bets. By clicking on "Coin Value +/-" you can set coins size which ranges from the uncommonly 0.01 to 5. "Max Bet" is used to set the maximum bet allowed, and "Spin" sets the reels in motion. "Autoplay" option is used to turn the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times. "Realm" is located immediately above Spin, and it helps you choose the realm to play in.

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    The game has 4 realm :-

    Chibeasties 2 Slot by Yggdrasil will let you to choose whichever you please, and you can switch between the realms whenever you want. Each realm represents a unique Wild feature, and those are: Expanding, Spreading, Teleporting and Mirroring. Red Expanding realm will expand Wilds to cover the whole real. Blue Spreading will assist Wilds to create 1-4 additional random Wilds. Green Teleporting will teleport Wilds to the best position for the biggest win. Purple Mirroring will help Wilds mirror themselves to opposite positions.

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