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Thread: things i want to share about The Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City Slot by WMS

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    things i want to share about The Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City Slot by WMS

    When you think WMS, you probably think of online slots, as the developer has pushed out plenty of popular releases over the years. While they haven’t been able to release a game that’s truly been ground breaking as yet, the developer’s back catalogue is still undeniably stellar. What’s probably helping WMS remain in the spotlight is the Wizard of Oz Road game series, which seems to be generating serious momentum through its latest entry. Wizard of Oz Road to Emerald City represents the 7th entry in this growing series, with it possibly having the power to be the most potent game of the bunch.

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    Full description about my experience not so good i should say....

    Another big complaint I have with this game that happens in a lot of WMS games is the fact the wild symbol does not substitute for the high paying "Jackpot" symbol. More than once I've had what should, on any other game, be a full line of jackpot symbols with a wild located in the middle somewhere - in this game you might well find this combination returns no win at all rather than the multiplied win that many games award to combinations featuring a wild symbol.

    I've played this game quite a lot in my local casino so I was excited when it finally became available for play on-line. There are a few differences though, some of them don't make a lot of sense to me whilst others are downright disappointing and as a result I stopped bothering to play this on-line some time ago.

    The first change I noticed was that the paylines have been increased from 25 to 30 - I've no idea what the reasoning behind this is and how it affects the variance or RTP of the game, but I assume based on the other changes the end result is that this version is less profitable for the player.

    Another big change in this version affects the Glinda "Good Witch" feature, where bubbles will blow onto the screen and turn some of the reels wild. Occasionally no bubbles will land on the reels at all, but I'mused to that - more disappointing is the fact that it is not possible in this version for ALL the reels to turn wild, instead the maximum is four. Now I haven't ever managed to get all five reels wild sadly, but I can't understand why this possibility was removed! It's such a rip off for players who might not be aware of this.

    "Scatter" symbols appear only on reels 1, 3 and 5 and feel really quite difficult to hit. When you do manage to land them you'll be asked to choose one of them to decide which feature will start. If your unlucky you will pick a small multiple of your stake, whereas if you are lucky you'll choose the "Winged Monkey" bonus which starts a free spins mode with random wild symbols. In the land casino I've had almost the entire screen turned wild in this bonus but on-line it seems to have been limited massively and I feel lucky if I get three additional wilds.

    All of these things add up to a very disappointing experience and it's a great shame that WMS decided to make the game so much less rewarding than it was in it's original incarnation. As things stand I really can't recommend you play this game on-line, but if you are in the UK you can play the proper version in William Hill betting shops - albeit with a maximum jackpot of £500.

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    Here i want like about the game...
    Wizard of Oz is a 30 payline 5 reel slot coming from WMS. This is the original version of the game and there are two more mode versions from this game from this software provider. The slot has and older look but still has a descent graphic and animations. The game play is fast which I like, so the slot has a really dynamic play and if it’s in a good mood it can shoot up feature after feature keeping you occupied all the time.

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    The Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City Slot by WMS slot has a somewhat better paytable than the other slots with this name. The base play wins are small to medium and you can have some big wins if you are lucky to get 5 of the highest paying symbol. The background music is Ok and there are occasional phrases from the movie so it can be fun to play. The slot has 2 main features. One I triggered randomly where the fairy flies in on a pink bubble and awards wild reels. I’m not sure but I think it can turn all 5 reels wild or at least 4.

    The most I have won in this bonus are 3 wild reels and I think it can pay the most that way. The second bonus is triggered when you get 3 Feature symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here you can win a small cash prize, get the free spins bonus or get the Emerald City bonus which is basically a cash bonus. In Emerald city you need a lot of luck to guess the right symbols to have a big cash prize and I usually get about 20-30 x bet wins. The free spins bonus is called the Winged Money bonus and her you can have some big wins if you are lucky enough to get a lot of moneys and a lot of wilds on the reels.

    Overall this can be a fun game to play and you can have some big wins but you have to be very careful because it can eat a lot of balance fast playing on high bets.

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