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Thread: Charlie the Cat Slot by Wazdan

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    Charlie the Cat Slot by Wazdan

    Here are some interesting facts about domestic cats: they sleep most of the time, they spend most of their energy playing, hunting or being pet by their owners, they can act completely aloof and ignore their humans for days, and they will still worship them. Who wouldn’t want to be a cat, even just for a day? If you want to try and see how it would feel like, Charlie the Cat is the next game that you absolutely have to try.

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    Be sure you read my comment before playing the game...

    This Wazdan video slot game will put you in charge as a regular house cat hunting for mice and having some fun. The game is played on a 5x4 reel set, with all the basic options that you need to have a good time betting a few credits. Let’s see what Charlie the Cat is all about in our full review of the game

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    Think Like a Cat

    Charlie the Cat is taking place in a regular living room turned into Charlie’s main hunting ground. You can see the agile feline jumping around, scratching furniture and being up to no good, generally speaking. The Wazdan developers have clearly chosen to convey humour in this game and placed the poor Charlie in various impossible situations, both on and outside on the reels.

    Whatever he does, Charlie never seems to be able to catch the mice that are definitely lurking around. With this dynamic, 3D universe, Wazdan confirms that they clearly have the skills to create fun and original slot games without sacrificing anything in terms of graphic quality.

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    Playful and Ressourceful

    The basic gameplay of Charlie the Cat Slot by Wazdan is quite simple: you have 4 reels and 10 paylines that you are free to activate by using the plus and minus buttons in the command bar under the reels. Pick a wager between 0.10 and 100 credits and get the reels spinning once you are ready to go. Charlie the Cat does not have any special feature per se, but instead you get to play a multi-level bonus game. After a win, you can choose to gamble your latest reward and double it by choosing the right mouse hole in the wall. Avoid the traps to go up the win ladder and turn a modest win into a fortune.
    Small Prizes Often

    The rather low volatility in Charlie the Cat means that you are quite likely to score small prizes often, which is a great reason to bet as many credits on the reels as possible. All of the reel symbols show Charlie in various situations: raiding a mailbox, tangled up in a thread, sleeping in various locations, and so on. The maximum prize available in max bet is 20,000 credits, which is a very sizeable jackpot that you might have some difficulty reaching. Keep an eye on the mini cat icon that can appear on any symbol and turn it into a jackpot icon.

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