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Thread: Read before play:- Rolling Dice Slot by EGT

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    Read before play:- Rolling Dice Slot by EGT

    “Say what you see” would be one phrase that immediately springs to mind in this installment in EGT’s much-loved ‘dice’ series of online gamblers. Or maybe “does exactly what it says on the tin”, if that weren’t potentially infringing on the copyright for a particular DIY product.

    Rolling Dice is, quite literally, all about rolling the dice. That’s it - there’s no real other theme, just good honest gambling with good honest objects in play. To be honest, that alone is something of a refreshing change for us, after spending so long playing games that are overly complicated in terms of their themes, or even back story. Come on, who really needs a back story when the only reason you clicked to load up the page was the opportunity to win big on the reels?

    Thought so.
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    Before You Roll

    OK, so you already know the fundamentals of this game. Basically it’s about matching combinations of the same dice alone active pay lines. In Rolling Dice there are 10 fixes pay lines, which means you have a pretty average number of opportunities to win. We’ve seen far higher (up to 50 in some cases), and much lower (five), so this is somewhere between the two, albeit clearly closer to the lower end.

    Some people might not enjoy not having the choice of bringing in and removing pay lines from their game, but in our opinion this means you have more focus for the actual game itself, and aren’t distracted by silly superlatives or pointless additions. All clear on the merits of this? Good, let’s get on with the show.
    Lady Luck

    At the bottom of the screen there are several Bet size buttons. Hit the one you want to use and start the dice rolling. The Bet sizes available are 30, 60, 90, and 150 and 300 if you are using just one credit. The higher the Bet size, the more you will win when you get a combination of like symbols on an active pay line. Sadly, if you land a combination off an active pay line then the win will be nullified, which seems slightly unfair given you can’t actually adjust this, but then you’re going all in as standard, so realistically it doesn’t really make that much difference in the end.

    There is also the option of setting an auto bet. This is done by clicking on the symbol of two arrows going round in a circle, or rectangle. You will have a Bet size already selected, and if you press auto bet the game will keep on betting at that value. A word of warning, though- this can mean that you burn through money faster as it will continue placing, and rather quickly, so use this feature wisely.

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    Major Bonus

    In addition to the normal dice, there are a couple of extras you’ll want to know about. First up is the Wild – which is three red dice. Get three, four or five of these and they pay out, but they can also substitute for any other symbol, aside from the Scatter.

    Scatters are dice with Chinese writing on them. These are big payers, and basically can earn you up to 2,000 for landing five on the reels at once. That’s some prize given the largest of the standard dice is preset at a value of 350. There is also a ‘Gamble’ feature- when you see the word ‘Gamble’ flashing in the bottom right hand corner of the play screen click on it, and prepare for a neat little bonus game. The idea therein is to guess what color the next card will be- red or black- and if you’re right you get money, along with another crack at the title.
    See Me Rolling

    Rolling Dice is pretty simple really, and that’s a good thing in our eyes. We love the fact this is actually like playing dice, or more accurately playing dice and using a slot machine at once. There is still enough to keep you pretty interested, though – plenty of combinations of things and the bonus ‘Gamble’ feature is one of our favorite things to find on any game of this kind. The animation techniques are great too, as you expect from the company behind it, EGT, although we have seen some that even surpass this.

    Still, we’re splitting hairs to an extent, so all you really need to know is that we have given this our stamp of approval.

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    EGT crew decided to put aside the traditional card symbols long ago and now they use dice images in their slots. The new Rolling Dice online slot game developed by this slots developer is also dedicated to the dice games. This impressive slot with the several surprises comes with 10 fixed pay lines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. Rolling Dice slots game can be found on the list of the EGT free casino games since November 2017. Throw the dice playing Rolling Dice gaming slot and let them roll in order to bring you the wonderful rewards!

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