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Thread: To be read first Caramel Dice Slot by EGT

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    To be read first Caramel Dice Slot by EGT

    Here we are again let’s find out all about Caramel Dice in our full review of the game here, just to give you a head’s up...... Dice-based slot games are more common on the market than you may think!!!! If you like retro slot machines with low volatility, then you would probably be interested in checking out Caramel Dice by EGT.

    In this video slot game, you will be able to enjoy a simple challenge with only a few rules to follow and an intuitive gameplay, which is EGT’s signature after all. With Caramel Dice, have fun you are in for a very smooth ride!!!! The rules of the game are as simple as any EGT wellwell slot machine can be, and you might be surprised at how nice the graphics actually are.

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    Well well well the background is a delicious-looking caramel wall yummy yummy, on top of which the dice-covered reels are placed!!! You will find the usual tabs and shortcuts all around the reels, typical for an EGT slot game as you probably know...... Caramel Dice is the perfect example of a retro slot game with a bit of a modern twist on top. In other words, Caramel Dice is a very simple-looking slot game.

    It might not register on your radar at first, unless you are a fan of retro slot games in the first place. The lack of a specific backstory might put off some players, but let’s deep a little deeper anyway and have a look at the gameplay properly speaking. First Roll of the Dice have fun fun fun!!!!

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    So here it is the paytable of the game obviously contains a bunch of dice..... The side tabs are here to allow you to activate a specific number of paylines. Caramel Dice lets you bet between 30 and 150 credits on its 5 reels and 30 paylines, which is lower than most betting ranges in other EGT slot games.

    The low volatility will make sure that you are able to score frequent small wins, which is another reason to bet as many credits on the reels as possible. Do so with the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen, or in the autoplay mode. Use the Shortcuts to Start Betting

    The first ones are numbered from 1 to 6, with a classic look!!!!. Following them are the special 7, 8 and 9 dice. The top prize in Caramel Dice at the lowest bet settings is a mere 100 credit reward. Enjoy Once again, you will have to rely on the low volatility in order to add up several consecutive prizes.

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    WEll Well wherever it appears, it has the power to replace other dice and trigger a winning combination anyway. hahaha Wilds can also create combinations of their own, which are 10 times more valuable than the highest reward in the base game. yuhoooo Another quick way to win big is to land one of the 4 progressive jackpots of the game, which are awarded at random. A Short List of Bonus Features.......... The scatters in Caramel Dice are red dice.

    By definition, landing several of them in any position awards a prize...... which can go up to 200 times your current wager. This might be the single highest reward of the entire game, but it is still much less than we would have expected. Also, you will not find any free spins in Caramel Dice. have fun the wild dice is going to be helpful in Caramel Dice...

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