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Thread: To be read.... Fruit Cocktail 7 Slot by MrSlotty

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    To be read.... Fruit Cocktail 7 Slot by MrSlotty

    Fruit Cocktail 7 Slot Game Review

    In Fruit Cocktail 7 free slot machine game, you'll find yourself on the warm ocean beach where you can mix the wonderful energy drink of different fruits! This crack full of hot sun and rich fruits has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and 3 rows. Play Fruit Cocktail 7 slot machine game and mix the tasty special drink on the ocean beach to get the rewards! Again, you're going to face the fruits in this sleek slot machine game by MrSlotty!

    Squeeze the fruits and get your prize!

    Fruit Cocktail 7 Slot Online provides tons of them! Line up the fruits of one kind on the paylines from the first reel on the left and get the prices. Two special icons added by the developers to the Fruit Cocktail 7 game slot will make your efforts more profitable. To mix the incredible energy cocktail, you need fruit.

    Bar - This icon can launch the bonus game in the Fruit Cocktail Slot Machine 7. To get 1, 3 or 10 free spins, you need to draw 3, 4 or 5 bars anywhere. 7 - it would be rather difficult to play without this icon because it can replace any other symbol. But he can not act as the symbol of the bar.

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    While the heat seems to have calmed down in the real world, in the world of online slot machines, it seems like it continues to go strong. Unfortunately, summer seems now to be well behind us, with the cold weather setting in as fall sets in.

    Feeling the heat at every turn, just by playing this game, you can see how he managed to grab the attention of the world's largest online casino portals. Giving new life to summer, MrSlotty said: "Here's the sun" with its all-new version of online slots. Rightly titled Fruit Cocktail 7, this game is based on a relaxing beach party.

    Nowadays, a version of online slots must be pumped from head to toe with the action, where Fruit Cocktail 7 arrives big. We think this game is the best version of MrSlotty so far and here's why. The appeal of Fruit Cocktail 7 is clear enough, as the theme allows each player to "get down to Acapulco", but an impressive theme will only last for a long time.

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    Serve you a treat

    So here we are..... In terms of the theme, this game is very effective, and as such, Fruit Cocktail 7 has a "come on" feel, something that other online slot machines of the moment simply can not match.
    To concoct the perfect cocktail Fortunately, the theme of this game offers more opportunities than it does. From the moment you load the Fruits 7 Cocktail, you will feel the warmth of the blue sky and the sandy beach below sets the tone for this game. You have to start as you want with any version of MrSlotty, it means that the theme of Fruit Cocktail 7 is right in the spotlight seem fun!!!!!!.

    What really adds to the Fruit Cocktail 7 user interface is the symbols that are used there, all of which are fruity at heart yuhouuuuuuuu. In the classic casino game mode all the symbols pop up from the screen, with very tasty cherries, watermelons and pineapples that catch the eye.

    With symbols like these, you'll definitely want to grab a bite of Fruit Cocktail 7 sooner rather than later. Be honest, the icons used here are barely unique, but they are fantastically animated, which is what will separate it from other similar slot titles around. Following the recipe for the success of slot machines

    All in all, you probably will not find a slot machine game easier to play right now, because Fruit Cocktail 7 is nothing but a breeze. Controls Wise Fruit Cocktail 7 is really a simple affair because they are pushing hard to make the complex game controls of the past a distant memory. On the right side of the reels are the "Spin" and "Autospin" controls, with rather explicit execution. Below the reels is a standard control panel that allows a player to set the payline and bet amount. have fun!!!!

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    The Fruit Cocktail 7 Slot Machine is one of the most famous and popular games of MrSlotty, present in all slots. But this slot machine was better known as Strawberry (or Strawberries) among players, as this bay served as the main symbols and was painted under the slot rollers.

    General description
    The Strawberry game is a typical Igrosoft slot machine with five reels and nine lines. It is possible to bet up to twenty-five credits on each line. There are wild symbols, games on equal opportunities and bonus games. Any paid combination must include three identical symbols in a row. One of the symbols should be on the first or fifth reel. The maximum payment is 5,000 bets. It is provided for five FRUIT COCKTAIL logos in one line. In the case where the cards are equal, new cards are dealt. In short, everything is familiar and trivial.

    The Fruit Cocktail Slot Machine has been traditionally designed for this manufacturer's products. The control panel contains standard buttons: Help (rules and payroll), Line 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 (the number of lines), Bet (the size of the bet), Double (the game on equal opportunities ), Start (the activation of the coils). The selected lines are marked in dotted lines on the main screen of the slot. Current data on total stake, number of lines and balance are displayed in the windows above the rollers. The victory obtained for the successful rotation can be wagered in the game on equal chances (Double).
    Here, you must choose one of the four cards face down trying to find one that will be higher than the dealer card. If you succeed, your payment will be doubled. If you fail, you will lose the bet. enjoy everything you have to!!!!!!! hahahaa....

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