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Thread: Betfred Casino is an awesome casino

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    betfred casino bonus withdraw is not working for me now, i used 10 free spins in mobile slots and i won $282 but now cannot withdraw, never happened before, i think it is because i used that bonus....

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    Never get a win on the roulette table u could have the whole table covered and never it a number in 3 times in a row but if you don’t have a number that number will come in 3 times destroying your balance. Worst roulette ever Big FIX!!! I know betfred trying to fix it.but that not helping me

    Also does not give me the intro offer of £50 free bets for £20. The number you need to text to redeem is not real. Total scam
    Betfred casino no deposit bonus is a scam too, u cannot withdraw your money if you win on the bonus

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    my bterfred casino login stopped working after i'd won a large amount of money and strangely the customer support cannot fix, well how convenient! i haver over 10k there right now and i cannot access my money because betfred are lying cheats and con artists!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleksivanof View Post
    I can tell you for sure that this is a company that does not treat customers with respect, one time i deposited there £250 with no bonus and managed to make £2,560. Tried to withdraw then they closed my account on suspicion of fraud or something like that? So I then sent all my documents in and they activated my account and said everything was good. I tried to withdraw again and then they cancelled the withdrawal and I wasn't even allowed to withdraw anymore..... Then got told my account was under investigation. In the end I lost my funds.
    Why is it soo easy to deposit but when I try make a massive withdrawal they have to make an excuse to not pay me. Definitely avoid if you win from a small amount And more over betfred casino mobile was total waste of time since most games don't load on phones
    I also had a very bad impression of this casino until recently. I was quite sceptical when I joined as the reviews aren't great but must say out of around £900 wagered I have pocketed over £6000. my only issue is there has been a technical problem since last week so the usual quick paypal payout still hasn't came through and it's been already 3 days. I've spoken to several customer service workers and only one seemed short and sharp with her answers and ended the call without waiting for me to agree I didn't require any more help. I'm going to stay with them and see how it goes well depending on the timescale on my withdrawal as still waiting on £1200. I've definitely played on worse casino sites. After many month here I can assure you that betfred live casino is legit

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    this site is the worst site i ever used!! all take deposit after deposit not 1 win!!! total lie!!! i amdisgusted with how they can take all deposits and not give you at least 1 win!! DO NOT play there! Betfred live casino app is not working too!

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