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Thread: Zodiac casino - wouldn't recommend it

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    I have another bad review for you, guys. An honest zodiac casino review! After already having a former bad experience with zodiac and its affiliates something happened here that once more was a big set off for me and made my worthwhile leaving this negative review. Again concerning their strict policies that protects the casinos profit if you're registered into one of their other systems your record history gets transferred automatically if you sign up for any of the casinos managed by them, which is in fact good since you don't have to get id verified to get your withdrawals released. But it is very terrible if you have a bad history of play with them, since bonuses get suspended and all the $$$ you accumulate on the VIP points get locked out automatically by the system itself and neither the operators nor the support have any control over releasing your VIP money

    Also when I signed up they were having a promotion where you get a 100% match upon your 1st-5th deposits up until $300. I ended up getting my 1st bonus upon the deposit but the latter deposit bonuses never ended up getting added to my balance since they automatically went to my VIP points which were suspended and inaccessible to me so I never was able to play with the promised 2nd-5th deposit bonuses, which sucks! It was another alarm bell for me. Support here had absolutely no control over this situation and I was very annoyed. Be careful when you're being lured to gamble at this casino since things aren't always what they seem and you could be easily lied too. I'm also not mentioning the fact that there are limits to what you could bet when you get a bonus money and if you try to gamble too hard with high maximum bets and have huge fat lucky wins those funds can be confiscated instantly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kostya Tornov View Post
    they cannot seriously call themselves a legitimate casino! Why is it ok for a legit company to steal money from clients?? I won $850 in this casino, they didn't let me withdraw, blocked me and asked not to contact them again, as they won't be re-opening the account and my money is gone!... real mad here, people!! is there a way to complain about them to the authority? bcos they need to be punished for what they do to honest people....also i have no idea how to play casino blackjack and win here on zodiac, every time i play it here i ALWAYS lose, must be rigged or something.....
    I like this casino a lot! support is nice to me and i get my winning in a timely manner ALWAYS, dont know y so many people say that zodiac doesn't pay...maybe i am the lucky one? haha
    i got zodiac casino 80 free spins promo the other day and won pretty much which i definitely like!!

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    zodiac casino is fake, they are cheats and liars, they did not pay me, i asked for my money twice and they refused me, saying that i have no valid documents to prove that i am who i say i am...such BS! when i first registered there i filed my passport and drivers id and they accepted me as a player, and now they dont accept those id's and say that they are not valid (even tho it is WRITTEN on my passport that it is valid till 2024!!!) like wtf! don't they have enough money aready? why do they always need to steal more??

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    where are all the zodiac casino winners, huh? i don't see many of them here and that means that not many people can win in such a casino like this, because this business is made for making money, but the only ones who make money here are the owners of this casino and NO ONE else, i lost there 24k in one month and now i an basically broke, i don't know why i even decide to play there in the first place, this casino is shady as hell

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