I used this casino for years and have always had a good experience, I have even converted friends and work mates to join and play on the site...... BUT THEN
Was playing LIVE BLACKJACK, my favourite game, £10 minimum bet, was doing ok for a couple of hours.Then I went and made some coffee, came back and rejoined the table......£20 minimum stake !! Ok , tried a different table and that was the same. Every single live blcakjack table apart from the VIP tables which are a £35 MINIMUM WAS £15!! So I called them..... £15 is to expensive for me I explained........ they didn't care, nor could they explain to me why within 15 minutes they had upped the limits to a minimum of £15 .

So reluctantly I will have to withdraw mt Blackjack roll and find a new casino
So if you enjoy Blackjack for a reasonable stake don't bother joining this site!((