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Thread: Jurassic World Slot from microgaming

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    Post Jurassic World Slot from microgaming

    The mechanics of the game is nice with two scatters turning to wilds, and the freespin mechanics seems interesting too.

    One of the worst slots ever produced.

    The slot in itself seems unfinished. There are no animations, just still pictures from the movie for big wins should there be any. The desktop client lacks autoplay functionality, which the mobile version that for some reason is offered by many casinos as the standard client does. Very unpolished product, I can't believe Microgaming released the slot in this state.

    I have played roughly 2000 spins on this on 60 and 90 cent stake without a feature, whether freespin rounds or the fabled random feature awarding a multiplier to wins. Biggest x-win is around 40x, in total over these 2000 spins two spins have awarded over 30x.

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    I dont agree with you Bragin Boris!!!!!

    This slot machine is inspired by dinosaurs and Jurassic Park movie. Slot has amazing visual effects, and overall, looks gorgeous. The rolls are placed on a blue background framed in steel bars and they are set against the backdrop of the natural park. Enter the world of dinosaurs by twirling the reels here for fun or visit one of the Microgaming casinos to play for real. Jurassic World has 5 reels and 243 paylines powered by the Microgaming software provider.

    How to play Jurassic World Slot As you know, every slot machine has its own set of rules and ways they can be played, and before visiting this world, here's how you can set your bets.

    When you click Bet you can set the coin size, and you can increase or decrease it when you want.
    Spin will put the reels in motion once you have put the bets.
    The autoplay option is used to rotate the reels continuously for a number of times.

    Slot Features The Jurassic Park logo is Wild and it can replace any symbol in the game except the Scatter. They can form winning combos by themselves and when they replace a victory. Wild are stacked up to 10 high.

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    There is good and bad things Bragin Boris just pin point things out its just an opinion like i going to write.......

    If you get 2 Scatters in the base game, they will become wild. There are 3 different Free Spins features and they are randomly assigned until you unlock them for the 15th time. At this point you will have to choose the feature by yourself. Three features are: Gyrosphere Valley, Creation Lab and Raptor Den and each of the rewards 10 rounds. Mosquito Yellow Rock is the Scatter if you land 3 or more, you can trigger free spins. Free spins

    The multipliers will be reset after a win. In the creative laboratory, you will have rollers. Winning symbols are removed to create a new way to create new symbols. Rolling Reels can award several consecutive wins and there are Cryo Wilds who remain on the reels for 3 laps. In Raptor Den, you will have Wild Scatters. All Scatters are wild and they are held until they grant additional free spins. In this function, if you get 3 additional scatter points, you will get 5 more turns. In the Gyrosphere Valley, there is a Multiplier Trail that increases the multiplier on each non-winning spin.

    The Indominus function is triggered when Indominus rex appears in front of the reels during the base game. It can increase your gain up to x1000 the total bet.
    summary Indominus Feature

    This medium volatility slot machine gives you the opportunity to choose between 3 different Free Spins options, which is definitely worth considering, and once you've done a trick, you'll be hooked. The Jurassic World Slot Machine is a complex combination of a highly designed atmosphere and amazing, action-packed features. Have fun and share your experience!!!!!!!!!

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    likes and dislikes from Jurassic World Slot from microgaming. This slot machine is amazing, I see many people who say that free spins are hard to find, I recommend playing short bursts at higher bets. I had a lot of x300 wins at 0.60p and 2 x1000 (these big wins started after I was able to choose the bonus game, I always suggest triceratops if you want mega big wins).

    If this slot is not paying, let's say it will not be the case, from where I said that the short bursts are higher. I recently started playing at .90p pile and hit £ 1122.95 in triceratops. Nothing else, except the montezuma and the furious rhinoceros, who drive up the adrenaline when you get the bonus ...
    Should have a minimum of victory in the features like wms slots above (x10 guarantee bonus pile because often they can not pay anything but the price to get the scatters, however, sometimes you will have a series of free spins and often back to back

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    Nice to have so many people who are interrested in online gaming!!!!!!!!

    It's hard to go, once you play this slot machine, and I know it very well. Often it is too late to cancel because my account is dangerously close to 0 €, while the impression and the disappointment, I lose the money in the account, which remained. The effects in this game are perfect like the movie, which set the standard in 1993 when it premiered in theaters around the world. Jurassic Park, from 24 years, and today has unequaled effects for many films presented in 2017 year. At least, it was not difficult to find inspiration for the symbols on the drum, because there are many elements that can be incorporated into a visual effect of slot machines. It is not difficult to guess that the theme of this slot machine is a cult movie of the legendary Steven Spielberg.

    Platforms..........Today, almost every movie comes out once a year as a PC game and PC games have lost a good story. Every new title that comes out, we get bored after an hour, and that's the reality for every long-awaited game. Previously, it was completely different, probably because the creators entered more passion and certainly put more time. Today, everything must be in a hurry and they all want to be nice. Understand that it's fast and nice - NO! The slot machine Jurassic Park does not have this problem as well as PC and XBOX games, it fits perfectly in my repertoire of Royal Vegas Casino. The reason for the advanced special effects of 23 years ago, maybe like then movies made mostly in real life, and later with the help of computers and other "finished" technologies, making them in many years.

    At Spin Palace, I have more money, but I will make a deposit because they send an email with a promotional offer, which can not refuse. When I talk more about the game, I can skip the great T-Rex bonus. This is one of the best slots bonuses I've seen on any Microgaming Slot Machine. Of such a bonus at Bet365, I won 20 days ago more than 70 €. At that time, on the Bet365 account, I had about € 400, so I could not risk a little more stakes on the Jurassic Park slot machine - € 1.5 per spin. The animation of a symbol is for the audio effects of 10 ratings also for ten, what else to add in the end unless the overall score -10 / 10! More and more often, I play this slot machine at Bet365 casino, because now of all Microgaming casinos, on the computer I installed the Spin Palace casino only.

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    Hi to everyone good to see you all in here hope you are doing well am great thanks for asking hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    I have great news..... With a huge license like Jurassic Park, I was hoping that Microgaming would take the time to come up with new ideas, and this time I'm happy to say I was not disappointed!I did enjoy most of the Microgamings Slot Machines. I first knew this type of game with "Thunderstruck II", a game I did not waste time learning because I loved the first game Thunderstruck. Follow-ups like Immortal Romance, The Finer Reels of Life and Playboy have all been great games though I think it's fair to say they have not really added a lot of originality and new features.

    The high graphics quality requires a relatively well-powered computer to make this machine at a decent speed, most modern computers should be doing well even though my three-year-old laptop had a bit of trouble when I played at that speed. Jurassic Park would have been disappointed if it did not contain fantastic graphics and sounds, and I have no doubt that Microgaming recognized this fact and spent a lot of time making sure that these basic elements of the game were just right.

    There are five separate free spin modes named after dinasours such as T Rex, Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus. The bonus mode works slightly differently than other games 243 ways - instead of unlocking the following modes after every five bonus rounds, a random function is chosen for you when you start playing, but after reaching the bonus round for the 25th time you are finally able to choose your favorite from the five available options. Clearly, just as the presentation alone can not match a big video game, a slot machine requires much more than a sweet theme to succeed and Jurassic Park certainly does not lack substance.

    Alert mode remains active for six turns, greatly increasing the chances of simultaneously winning multiple payment methods.
    I would have liked to see a little more originality in the features yet - the T-Rex and Triceratops bonuses have comparable modes in Playboy, and Brachiosaurus is exactly the same as bats or crows in Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck 2 , but at least the two remaining bonus modes are fresh and new.

    Jungle Heat has a similar pay table and also features stacked wilds. Nevertheless, it can still be a little disappointing to watch "Five of a Kind!" flash on the screen before you realize that you have only won about 10 times your bet. The game includes one of my all-time faw safety mechanisms - stacked wild! but there is another twist in the "T-Rex Alert Mode" that allows for randomness and adds seven additional wild symbols to each of the reels.

    The winnings for five wins are really low, even for a game of 243 ways, but this is undoubtedly the result of stacked wilds, since Girls With Guns - These are really very minor problems and Jurassic Park is without a doubt the best game of 243 ways that Microgaming has been creating for a long time - I'm just surprised we've seen a bunch of clones in this game yet!

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