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Thread: Robocop Slot from Playtech reviews )))))

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    Post Robocop Slot from Playtech reviews )))))

    RoboCop is set in a dystopian version of Detroit in the not-too-distant future (although by today’s standards this sci-fi slot looks more vintage retro than world of tomorrow).

    With crime on the rise, the mayor of the city has signed a deal with technology corporation, OCP, a company that hopes to replace the police force with justice delivering ED-209 droids. However, it all goes a bit awry when one of these machines malfunctions and ends up killing an innocent civilian.

    This is where RoboCop comes in, an experimental half man, half robot who has all of the shiny coolness of a crime-frighting bot but just enough emotion and compassion to prevent him from going full-on haywire on the public.

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    Robocop Slot from Playtech reviews

    I like that a lot. but the Robocop on the right needs more work, look at the helmet and how he holds the gun? hes tilting the gun and his helmet looks awkward.

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