Legacy of the Wild is a game that has some of the most impressive visuals in the Playtech platform but has some of, the more boring gameplay available. The reason the gameplay is boring is because there isn’t an abundance of features.

The features that are available aren’t extensive, resulting in somewhat poor gameplay. Luckily, there’s an abundance of standard payouts which can be won regularly and result in positive balances...

Legacy of the Wild that it is, with wins coming in right off the bat for new and old players alike; Playtech have excelled here with this stunning slot machine, having delivered a mysterious yet charming magical game for users to immerse themselves in.

The land in which you’re now playing is one unlike ours, filled with ghouls, goblins and monsters, but also the brightest of spells and witchcraft - it’s an adventure just to play the title, let alone win it. But oh win you can, with many features in place to make your play through as intense and rewarding as possible.