Chests of Plenty is another fine example of the smaller, not so famous software developers also can make a great video slot game. It comes from Ash Gaming’s workshop and built around pirate-treasure theme. In the background we can see an island with palm trees, skulls in the sand (now we can be sure this is the pirates’ secret lurking-land where hide the stolen treasures) and farther the rocking pirate ship on the see. The symbols are the expected from a sea-wolf game and there are parrot, sword, map, treasure chest and of course pirate among the others. The whole appearance of the game is pleasant, well composed and I’ve got really nothing against it.

The 20-line slot has lot of features that give more chance to win and possesses a great 3 level bonus game where the players can feel themselves as if they’re dropped in a treasure hunting adventure. Three Maps on the reels start the first stage of Treasure Island Bonus, named Booty Island bonus. In this bonus there’s a map and acts like a table game. On its fields there are several rewards like Multipliers (x5-x20 of total bet), Mysterious reward that can be prize, ‘spin again’ or a piece of map award, and Map reward from what we have to collect 3 pieces to go to the next island bonus. The pirate spins the fortune wheel and the marker goes ahead that many positions on the table what the wheel shown. If the wheel spin lands at the skull symbol the bonus game ends. If the original spin in main game pulls out 4 Map symbols the player goes directly to the second stage island bonus, Isle of Plenty and 5 Maps trigger the Jackpot Island bonus. There are no big differences between the 3 bonus levels however the available awards are growing in every stage.

The best part of these bonuses is the fix prize. On the first stage it can be x15-x1000 of total stake, then x50-x1500 and final x300-x2000. I know it sounds complicated but it really isn’t. The other bonus is the Treasure Chest Bonus. If three Treasure chest symbols appear on the first, third and fifth reel this extra session is activated. All chests open up and one after the other reveal 3 gems, if these three treasures are identical the won amount by them added to the total win and the next chest do the same. When a chest has a non-matching trio it closes and the other 2 boxes continue to give prizes. The multipliers of these 3 gems are x5, x2, x1 but this feature also has a minimum (x10 of total bet) and maximum (x100) limits. It’s not a bad bonus and I had some nice rewards but I like the islands bonus much better.
The best paying traditional win in a 5 of a kind line is achievable with wild Pirate Girl (x10000 of line bet) and of course it has also a little extra. If it lands on a reel and the very next (left or right only) position a Pirate figure arrives, it transform the Pirate icon into a Wild for that spin.

Overall, it is a really well-done slot game. I love very much the multi-level bonuses and though I’ve played it for a while but never entered the Jackpot Island feature but playing with it like gathering with good friends and spending the night with playing a table game. The players almost can forget it’s a ‘money game’ and and completely can give themselves to the fun and entertainment. Personally, I rarely see such amusing side game and look forward for the next meeting.

So far I have found just one online casino to have this slot although I searched many times for it. Perhaps I did not look enough.