If you win a nice jackpot prize, would I get a small share of your win? My foot I will, right? Hehehe. Why on earth would you ever want to share your jackpot win with me? I'm not even your darling, or gay-mate, or whatever, so no way Jose for me, right darling-who-likes-to-say-that? Hehehe. Butt, oops, I mean to say buuuut, a longer but, not a bigger one, with Everybody's Jackpot, yes, anyone can! Whoopie! But of course, there are certain qualifying aspects that need to be fulfilled first before getting a small share of that somebody else's jackpot win! What? Are you kidding? Getting a share of somebody else's jackpot win? No, I'm not kidding, although at certain times I do. Butt, oops, buuut, I'll stop my kidding if you'll stop your repeating! Can't do that, hah? Neither can I! Hahaha.

Okay, so you wanna know how to win that share of somebody else's jackpot win, right? Simple! The requirement is, if you have played at least $50 within any 24 hour period of somebody winning the jackpot prize, you are automatically eligible to win a share of it! So, if I play $50 now, then lose it all, and 23 hours later, somebody wins the jackpot, I am eligible to share it too! Aah, isn't that niiiice?! Well, I have tried it many many times, but haven't even got any share of anybody's jackpot win, because those fellas always won it after the 24 hours period! Grrrr! I had missed getting it a few times, just a few hours out of time! Grrrr! So how does that make me feel? Grrrrrrrrr!

How much can I get with that small share? Hmm, glad you asked, hehehe. 70% of the randomly awarded jackpot prize goes to the winner. 15% of the jackpot prize is shared out equally amongst all the qualified players. The balance 15% goes to the qualified player who has deposited the most with that 24 hour period, so he/she gets a much bigger share of the jackpot prize amongst those qualified players. Very fair indeed! All clear, or all confused now? Hmm, I do see some eyes rolling and swirling out there! Hahaha.

What about the game itself? Hmm, glad you asked too, hehehe. It's a simple 3-reels 3-rows 8-paylines game, with 9 grids or boxes to play on. The word 'Everybody's Jackpot' is the Scatter symbol. Getting 3 scatters anywhere awards 12 free spins with a random Wild in the middle of reel 3, random meaning not on every free spin. There are no win multipliers, so it's just straight wins as per paytable. One Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, as opposed to the free spins game. The highest paying symbol is the Man Host, then the Woman Host, then all the others, like Gold Bars, a Money stack, a Watch, a Necklace, A, K and Q, in that descending order. The win values on each item varies with the bet size accordingly.

Have I ever won on this game? Yes, a few times, but never a lot, because the paytable isn't such a high one, the random Jackpot being the main top prize. Is the game fun to play? Yes, I do like it, especially when it's in 'pay back' time, with that ssexy lady swaying her hips every now and then! Hehehe. How big can the Jackpot prize be? Hmm, another good question, from a very very curious player! As far as I can remember, the won Jackpot prizes ranged from about $120,000 to about $320,000. Haven't seen anything higher than this amount though. It's not a Marvel Heroes Jackpot, it is a Progressive Jackpot, but exclusive only to itself!

Well, I enjoy playing Everybody's Jackpot, even though I haven't won any share of anybody's jackpot win so far, but the game play is nonetheless quite thrilling. So, anymore questions? Hmm, I guess that guy must have left in a real hurry to play this game! Hahaha.