The Fortunate 5 slot is full of bandit and thieves

That said, you should watch your wallet a little bit on this one. The Fortunate Five slot machine is fairly high variance; meaning you could go for quite a few spins with little to fill the wallet.

But then, the free spins show up, or an awesome 4 or 5 of a kind, and you’ll be boarding wins that could lead you to owning your own Spanish armada.

And sure, you don’t get any multipliers here. But what you do get is unlimited free spins. That’s right, unlimited. We’ve played 8, we’ve played 48 spins, no doubt some have played more. It’s all down to the luck of the high seas.

Needless to say, the Fortunate 5 slot game surprised us, reminding us that Playtech know how to balance big thrills, with entertaining, beautiful, graphics, have fun playing it and explore further more.