Feel like going hunting for aliens? Whaat? You don't believe in aliens? They exists I'm telling you! They really do exists! Still don't believe huh? Come follow me then... but always stay behind my back... I wanna shoot those alien butts... not yours... hehehe.

The Alien Hunter, a 25-liner game, featuring non-scary-looking aliens, which are definitely not of those extraterrestrial kind. Those are almost impossible to hunt down. They come and go in incredibly fast flying saucers. But the aliens here, well, they do look odd and weird, but they look kinda cool! Hehehe. There's a hybrid of squids, a hybrid of crabs and also a hybrid of egg-laying what-is-that-thing?! Hmmm, pity them though, they haven't learned the art of fighting back! Nonetheless, do watch out for one certain kind of alien, a ferocious one, especially when you try to take their eggs away! Hahaha. But seriously folks, this Alien Hunter game was one-of-a-kind from Playtech, until 'Cowboys and Aliens' came along later on. Many years ago, this Alien Hunter game could be considered as contemporary, but today, it is more suited for the shelves of a library. But lets be fair, this game does have a flair. The quality may not be there, so just play and don't give a care! Hehehe.

Lets see now. That caged-up doggie-hybrid is the Wild symbol, the hunter in his flying machine is the free spins trigger, the hunter in the cockpit is the Hunting Bonus trigger, and the alien egg is the Alien Eggs Bonus trigger. Hmmm, for such an old game, it certainly has got a lot of triggers! I guess where aliens are concerned, it's best to have one finger always on the trigger, hehehe.

The Wilds pay in the usual manner, but the free spins are a shame altogether! Playtech games would normally award 15 or 20 spins for their free spins game, but why only 5 spins here? Odd! Furthermore, the scatters carry no value at all, and the free spins are without any win multiplier too. It certainly doesn't play and pay like any Playtech game! A definite let-down for the free spins feature. The Hunting Bonus game, well, this is okay I guess, quite fun to play even, but can be a bit tricky too. Those red aliens are probably a rabbit hybrid... they move a damn lot faster than the other slow-moving aliens! Hehehe.

Finally, the Egg Bonus game... ahhh... this is where you need to watch out...really watch out... because the egg-keeper alien is lurking somewhere out there, just waiting to pounce on you, when you least expected it! I've been very cautious, with many more eggs to pick, but that blardy alien keeper suddenly gushed out and gave me the kick! Aaaarghkkk! Quite a fun game to play nonetheless! Hehehe.

The graphics will receive only a 6, disappointed me, it seems to be an old slot, not from this century!