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Thread: Vacation Station Slot by playtech

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    Vacation Station Slot by playtech

    The reels themselves are a 3 x 3 arrangement and every symbol is travel-related so we have a bus, a train, a motorbike, a car, a submarine, a hot air balloon, a yacht, a container ship and an aeroplane.

    Any holiday featuring all those methods of transport would be memorable indeed. The label-covered suitcase is the scatter symbol.

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    I have been playing the game recently and I got a lot to say about:-

    It's been ages since I last went on a vacation, but tonight, I'm gonna go on one. Alone by myself, but what the heck, who needs a companion to go on any vacation right? Wrong? You said wrong? Oh, yeah, right, no fun if without a companion. But this time you're wrong. No companion is needed when you go to Vacation Station Deluxe. You need go only by yourself, and your wallet. Yeah, don't ever forget your wallet! No wallet, no money. No money, no spins. No spins no wins! Hehehe.

    Choose your travel mode. Land, sea or air. There's a motorbike, a car, a bus, a train, a yacht, a ship, a submarine, a balloon and a plane. So which shall it be for you? What? You want a space shuttle?! Oh gees! Sorry mate. I was informed only the pilot's seat is ready at the moment, passengers seating not ready yet, so you have to come back later, maybe like 5 years later will be just fine! You hear that Playtech? Someone is already asking for a vacation on a space shuttle, so get one fast!

    Okay, so I have already tried the bike ride, the car ride, the bus ride and the train ride. Not much fun those. The submarine, yacht and ship were not so bad. The balloon ride was scary but exhilarating. So next I want is a really nice plane ride. No, not that one, I had it a few times but I wasn't satisfied, too small! I want nothing smaller than a Jumbo, bimbo, not a 4000 ride, more like a 10,000 ride! Ahhh, yes, that would be real nice if I can have it! What? Me, go fly a kite? Gees!

    Ah well, Vacation Station Deluxe isn't deluxe enough for me. Don't know about you though. And certainly not for that young boy who had wanted a space shuttle instead. Yeah, I think I want one of that too. Should be an outta-this-world of a ride man! Hehehe.
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    Good to see some more people are interested in sharing there opinion here and talking about casino games am an old fellow addicted to online casino and here i have something to share with you happy if that may help some of you.

    Vacation Station Deluxe is a video slot game from Playtech. I have to say that this game is nothing special. Not because that it is very simple but because it has nothing to offer. I am a fan of classic three reel slots and every time I come across one I would like to try it. I liked the graphics in this game and I think that they are really appealing. The slot is very simple yet different than the others I am used to seeing. The first time I saw this game I thought to myself that this is a game that should be played before you really go on a vacation, because if you win you will really have a good one.

    I made a deposit just to play this game and I have lost my money very fast. There are some good payouts during the base game, but that was it. There are no bonus rounds and for that reason probably I got bored of the game play. I also found the tourist that is on the right side of the reels to be a bit lonely. After all who wants to go on a vacation alone?

    I do not want to be so harsh about the Vacation Station Deluxe slot because it does have something different to offer to its players. All the symbols are related to travel and the reels are arranged in 3 x 3. What you would not expect of a slot like this is that it can offer 8 pay lines. The lines go both horizontally and vertically. Unlike other slots, here you have more chances to win.

    Beside some good payouts during the base game, there is nothing else. I really do not think that Vacation Station Deluxe video slot game will take you somewhere far. You can try for yourself, maybe the luck was not on my side when I played the game.

    Enjoy the game its a gift
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    Well well well jackpot of 4,000 coins will be awarded to players once 3 symbols of the aircraft have appeared on an active payline.
    On the theme of travel, the symbols of the game range from cars to buses to planes and boats. Players can try out the slot machine on this page for free or visit one of the Playtech casinos presented to play the game with real money. Vacation Station is an 8-payline video slot that runs on the Playtech software platform.

    By clicking +/-, you change the value of the coin, which ranges from 0.01 to 5. "All Lines" activates the 8 paylines and pressing the "Betting" button increases the amount of coins. 'a piece. While pressing "Spin" starts the game, "Bet Max" turns the reels at the highest bet. To rotate the reels for a predetermined number of times without being interrupted, players must click on the key symbol and then on "Autoplay". Before traveling around the world, you have to adjust your favorite bet.

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