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Thread: Review of Monty Pythons Life of Brian Slot by Playtech

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    Review of Monty Pythons Life of Brian Slot by Playtech

    This 3 x 5 reel progressive jackpot game, and fans of the iconic movie will not be disappointed with the fare on offer here. Expect to see familiar face’s like the Centurion, Brian’s Mum, the creepy Jailer and Brian himself on the reels, interspersed with vignettes from the movie, not to mention these excellent bonus games and Mini-features:

    Stoning Bonus
    People’s Front of Judea Bonus
    Romani Eunt Ite Domum Bonus
    What’s So Funny Bonus
    Wild Spaceship Respins
    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Respins
    Foot of God and Progressive Jackpot

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    Life of Brian” is a video slot currently runs on the “Playtech” platform.

    The theme of this game is based on the 1979 film “Monty Python's Life of Brian” which is a religious comedy made with that deadpan and sarcastic style so peculiar that the British have to make humor, which I find very funny indeed.

    What really makes this game attractive, it is its bonus round as it contains 4 main rounds as well as mysterious prizes, cash prizes, and multipliers to be applied to the winnings made during your main bonus round.

    Unsurprisingly, managing to trigger the bonus round is not an easy task, and personally, I never had access to it today.

    On the other hand, I could trigger the free spins round several times, and I also won some coins thanks to “Foot of God” feature, where I chose the juniper bush that turned out to be hiding one of the 3 best prizes in that round, and in which I won an instant prize equivalent to 10x my total bet.

    In the free spins round I always got acceptable winnings in the range between 22 and 32 times my total bet, this thanks to this round is well complemented with the feature that increases by 1x, and up to 10x, your win multiplier each time you get a non-winning spin; in addition, if during your free spins you get 3 “Golden Crucifix” scatters on the reel 5, you can re-trigger your round, get an instant prize or maybe get some extra free spins; it could be said this round is a good feature, and it hides some potential to give big wins to the player.

    As I said, this is a video slot full of different special features and fun, however, among the drawbacks, I see that it is really difficult to access especially the bonus feature, and on the other hand, it is not strange at all that you have to deal with relatively long streaks of dead spins, so, at least I have not been able to emerge victorious in this episode, although I have to admit that my net losses were not so heavy either.

    For the moment, I believe the fairest, it is to think that just today I was not so lucky playing “Life of Brian” slot, and then the best thing is to give it the benefit of the doubt, and maybe this weekend I can get my requital, which could well come thanks to some bonus round or maybe by winning the progressive jackpot, you never know.
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    Well....The slot machine has a total of 10 bonuses, including 4 pick me games where you can win up to 1,000 times your bet. There are great responses where the Wilds land on the reels to guarantee you a win and a Free Spins feature that allows you to get a multiplier up to 10x - look for the Crucifixion Bonus feature to trigger the free spins, add more for free turns and earns cash prizes. Finally, there is also a progressive jackpot to win. Life of Brian from Monty Python is an Ash Gaming Slot Machine based on the hilarious and iconic movie. have fun!!!!!!!!

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    Well well well!!!
    First, you have the Life of Brian Bonus feature that is triggered when the Bonus symbol arrives on reels 1, 3 and 5 = you spin the wheel that selects a cash prize, a bonus multiplier for bonuses, and mystery prices. In terms of bonus feature, there are 4 to play which are described below.
    Playable from £ 30p to £ 300, the game is based on the iconic 1979 film of the same name. The film has since been considered one of the most popular comedies of all time, which caused controversy when it was released. Brian de Monty Python's life is powered by Ash Gaming and features 5 reels and 30 paylines.

    Featuring Mr Cheeky, Pontius, Brian's Mum, Centurion, Jailer and Brian himself, the slot machine version boasts a total of 10 bonuses that perfectly illustrate the hilarious characters and moments of the award-winning movie. The sensation of the language in the film is carried on the rolls with the superb song "Always look at the good side of life" while playing.

    You can choose the person to throw a stone in order to win cash prizes. If you find a woman, you will also earn a cash prize and the feature will end when a big rock is thrown. There is up to 1,000 times your win. You have the stoning bonus in which you participate in family entertainment, while Brian's mother takes Brian to stoning.

    Each selection guarantees a cash prize - the function ends when you reveal Collect and your bet is 1,000 times higher than your bet. The bonus functionality of the Popular Front of Judea allows you to choose icons to discover exactly what the Romans did.

    The more Brian is painting, the higher the price, with up to 1,000 times your face-off. The feature ends when the sun comes up. Bonus feature Romani Ite Domum allows you to choose areas on the palace walls to cover anti-Roman graffiti. Enjoy........

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