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Thread: what i have learn from X-Men Slot by AMAYA

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    what i have learn from X-Men Slot by AMAYA

    The game itself sticks to the Marvel slots format but unusually for Amaya it does not feature the standard playing card symbols; refreshingly every symbol is an X-Men related picture or character. From lowest value to highest we have Juggernaut, Cyclops, Beast, Storm – all the way up to Wolverine, Magneto and Professor X. The wild symbol is a ‘wild’ logo and the scatter symbol is the X-Men logo.
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    I'm a big fan of movies about Marvel heroes, but to me it was not difficult after Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk, I write and the X-Men slot machine. There are two versions of the X-Men slot games, and this one with 25 and one with 50 paylines. No some significant differences in the way of achieving gains, the question is how many lines you choose. Invests from € 0.25 to € 1,250 per spin, so I suggest a little caution when choosing roles. On the Internet, this game can be tested free of charge. I tested this slot game in several houses and concluded that for me the best choice - Bet365 Casino. There usually have more than 5000 € per betting account. This is why at any time with bookmakers to transfer € 50-200 per casino and start X-Men Revolution! I rarely make a direct deposit to the casino, they are mainly transfers and combinations Sports-Games-Casino Poker.

    Villains mode is triggered if you get a symbol villain in the central column of the drum. Then begins the countdown eight free spins. If during these 8 spins in Villains mode appears again the hero on the central column, slot X-Men again switches to the Heroes mode and everything starts over again. In theory, this is possible to play continuously, but it is not realistic to expect that much luck in one day. In practice, this bonus, sooner or later ends up as the last one counted Villains free spin, but until then you can pick up a lot of money in this bonus adventure. The last bonus that I will mention is called. X-Feature. This bonus works as follows: If you are on reels 2,3 and 4, or in the middle of the screen appears any character, in the form of the letter X, slot automatically stake 5X. It is immaterial whether the characters are good guys or bad guys. In the end, this is a great slot as the previous two from the Amaya company, about which I wrote. Rating 10/10!

    I have to admit that X-Men, in comparison with other games, aesthetically somewhat lagging behind, it looks too easy. This is not a reason for reducing the score for this slot game, but I like that everything is perfectly packaged - as a gift. When it comes to the operator, I'm used to design perfection, so I'm a bit cheeky on this point. On the other hand, this slot has an excellent bonus, I believe that the players importantly of all, because that is what brings profits, and that what we are fighting for - money! I want to sincerely say from experience that this is a bonus slot games is fantastic and incredible. If you get at least 3 scatter symbols, you already have a bonus. This bonus has 2 modes: Heroes and Villains. If you started in Heroes mode, you have an unlimited number of free spins.
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    If your a fan of Marvel's ever growing line up of superhero characters then you are truly spoil it for choice when it comes to choosing a slot machine at a casino... for a while at least - I hear that Marvel are not completely happy with the arrangement or products from and intend to give the license to another game provider when it expires towards the end of the decade. That may just all be hearsay, but it is a fascinating prospect nonetheless. For the time being though, Marvel characters like the X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, and countless more can only be found featuring in Playtech games.

    Personally I don't think they have done a bad job of the majority of these licenses, although I would have preferred it if they had not insisted on linking them all to a progressive jackpot - as with all such games the basic RTP takes a large hit in order to fund the progressive prize pool, and with four different levels of jackpot in these games I really feel as if you can notice the difference if you are keeping a careful eye on your balance across a thousand spins or so. If they were to lose the license I'd definitely like to see it take on some of these characters.

    They created some "new and improved" fifty line versions of their most popular Marvel games a couple of years ago but I definitely prefer the original 25 line versions myself. Even if you are a fan of playing more paylines simultaneously there isn't any sane gambler I've ever known who is a fan of deliberately choosing a slot with a significantly worse Return To Player ratio - this original version promises a payback of 95% compared to just 92% for the 50 line version. That's a huge difference and it also applies to all of the other Marvel games too - surely enough to convince anybody not to bother with those shady fifty line machines?

    I often mock the music in the games but they did a little better with these Marvel games thankfully - it would be a little embarrassing to see the X-Men symbols alongside some fairground style beeps and bloops after all! The games free spins feature is one of the most interesting I have seen as it guarantees you will receive at least eight wins, and the bonus can continue indefinitely if you manage to alternative between wins with a Magneto wild followed by a win with a Professor X wild.

    Even if you don't like the X-Men (why not?!) it's worth having a look at this game. It's not the best of the slots, but it's far from one of the worst!

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    Amongst all the comic Marvel heroes, I love X-Men the most, and amongst the X-Men, Wolverine the most. Almost indestructible, super-quick self-healing body and those awesome incredible claws in his hands. Makes The Fantastic Four look like heroes for kids! Hehehe. The powers of the X-Men are just super marvellous, not withstanding in the very least, the powers of their leader too, The Professor - the mind reader and the mind controller. As a team, the X-Men is nothing short of being the best savior of mankind and vigilantes against insane power-crazy villains who are intent on capturing and controlling the entire world. Needless to say, these villains themselves possessed just as extraordinary super-human powers and abilities, making their encounters with the X-Men simply out of this world! Having said that, a player's task is even more daunting...we have to take on BOTH the good guys and the bad guys at the same time...and hope for a win! Whoops, better make that hope for w-i-n-s...many many wins! Hahaha.

    In this feature game, 2 Extra Wild symbols come into play - Professor X is the Extra Wild symbol for the Heroes mode, whilst Magneto is the Extra Wild symbol for the Villains Mode. However, this feature game plays like no usual feature game that we are used to. The first spin always start in the Heroes Mode, and whenever Magneto appears anywhere on reel 3, the Heroes free spins are suspended and the game switches over to the Villains mode. Vice versa, whenever Professor -X appear anywhere on reel 3, the Villains mode switches back to the Heroes mode to continue play with the remainder of the free spins left. The free spins play would simply go on and on, switching from Heroes mode to Villains mode with each appearance of the Extra Wild symbol, for as long as the original 8 free spins have not been used up. Although it is stated that the free spins can be played infinitely, this is just not true. In actual play, there would be switching over of modes, from Heroes to Villains, then back to Heroes again, but the total free spins I have attained have hardly been more than 20 spins. Payouts too tend to be on the low to average side most of the time, even though I did get a handsome payout from the free spins just once, a miserable one time! Wish more good payouts could come more often, but they don't!

    Amaya fans get to choose to play X-Men in either 25-paylines or 50-paylines mode. For quicker results, for both wins and losses, go for the 50-paylines, otherwise, just follow me, stick with the 25 paylines! Hehehe. X-Men is yet another beautifully rendered slot game from the Marvel Heroes stable, and follows contemporary design of using movie clips for the hero and villain symbols. The wild symbol is represented by the word WILD, which pays a beautiful 10,000x the line bet for 5-of-its-kind. Beautiful because it retains the maximum payout of 10,000x the line bet, unlike in some Marvel games that only pays 5000x. The scatter symbol is represented by the word X-MEN, which pays 200x the total bet, which isn't too bad at all. Getting 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger a Heroes VS Villains feature game, whereby 8 free spins are awarded, starting in the Heroes Mode.

    Besides the free spins feature game, there is also a special X-feature award in the main game, whereby whenever the five X-Men symbols clump together in a X-formation on reels 2, 3 and 4, a 5x total bet cash prize is awarded. Not a lot but something to keep you going on for just a few more spins longer. Overall, having played X-Men over several months, I must admit that the game does not meet payout expectations! There are only 2 feature games available, X-formation and the Heroes VS Villains feature game, but none of them could deliver any regular good payouts, much less excellent ones. I can't help but think that something went wrong or fell short in the designing of this otherwise entertaining and wonderful game. It could have been as excellent as the other Marvel Heroes games, but then again, this game might just win you that Marvel Jackpot you've been dreaming of...then what a marvelous game X-Men would be to you! Hehehe.

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