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Thread: My opinion on The Punisher Slot by Amaya

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    My opinion on The Punisher Slot by Amaya

    As you might have guessed, the Punisher loves to show his wild side, and it's great that he is the game's Wild Symbol. Even better, if you can line-up 5 Punisher symbols you will win the top prize of 10,000 coins. 4 Punisher symbols will also trigger the Free Games Bonus in which you'll enjoy double prizes throughout, whilst additional Wilds trigger extra free game.
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    Punisher War Zone has 20 pay-lines and this is one of the games from Amaya Marvel game series. Like the other Amaya Marvel games, the Punisher War Zone too is a game where you can win one of the four progressive jackpots.

    I've never been a big fan of this game, probably because it does not offer a good graphics and a lot of excitement. In fact, here you have only one feature and that is the free spins feature. I must admit that this feature can be reached in an interesting and original way. Specifically, under each reel there are 4 empty fields. Every time when on some reel appears the bonus symbol with the skull, one of that 4 empty fields get filled. If you get all four fields filled under some reel, you will receive 5 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

    Also, here you have a scatter symbol. Five scatter symbols will pay 250 x total bet.

    The last time I have tried this game at Bet365 Casino. I have played with min. bet per spin of 0.2 euros. Already on the second spin I had wins from 10 x bet because of which I've decided to continue playing here. I have set on 100 automatic spins and watched. My balance which was at about 50 Euros began to go down quickly. Almost every win that I had was smaller than my bet. Finally, on the 90th+ automatic spin I came to the free spins. As my balance with the initial 50 fell to around 34 euros, I was hoping for some greater win in the free spins with which I will return the money I lost. But in the 5 free spins I won disappointing total of 2 euros. Of course, after this, I decided to move on to another game because probably if I continued to play here soon I will lose all the money.

    For the Punisher War Zone I will give the lowest positive rating i.e. I’m giving 6 of 10 possible stars.
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    The Punisher War Zone is a jackpot slot, powered by Amaya software which I am a big fan of. This slot is one of Amaya's jackpot slots and honestly I had no previous experience with it, but when I had 30€ left in my account, I decided to try this game. As it is one of Marvel slots, I knew I had to like it. The design of it was interesting, I really liked the color scheme. It has 5 reels, 20 paylines and free spins bonus round. I placed 0.40€ instead of the minimum bets which are 0.20€ per spin and played around 100 spins. Soon enough I received collective bonus and I think that's super interesting.

    Each time there's a scull on your spins, they drop down to the reel they came from and collects. Whenever you have collected 4 sculls on any of the reels, you'll play 5 free games with 2x multiplier. But that's not it, in the free spins, each time you get a scull, you'll play 5 more free games, that is awesome. I did get 1 scull in free games so I played 10 free games but unfortunately the spins were half empty and I won 2.60€ overall. In my 100 spins I got the bonus another time, but it paid only 1.80€.

    This game has wilds and free spins bonus round, as well as it's a jackpot so if you're super lucky there's a possibility to win that. But I am not impressed with this game. I do think it's great that you can retrigger bonus rounds just by getting 1 scull on the free round and the way you get to free spins round is interesting too, but they payouts are really bad in my opinion, I don't remember the last time I played so many free games on a Marvel slot that didn't pay even 20x bet. I won't be spending much money on this game, it doesn't seem worth it.

    I played it with the same stake for 200 more spins and then ran out of balance. I got about 6 more bonus rounds, but I was a bit upset with the payouts, as only 1 bonus round paid me 7.60€ and it was only because I played around 40 spins, I am serious, I got about 7 more sculls on the free spins game that's why they were so many but still the payout was just frustrating, not even 20x bet.
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    Punisher war zone it is another one marvel addiction in Amaya family of this games. I play all Amaya marvel games ,and for most of it i know on which movie or game it is based, but here i did not know any game or movie with this theme, so probably it is not popular here, but popular somewhere at other place in the world.

    Game has medium-high variance and stacked wilds is great thing, i never get bored playing this game and will play it again.

    My best hit in base game is around 200 x total bet, but free spins in this game was always some pain for me, because i never win more than 50 x total bet playing this game. Also like in all marvel Amaya slots here is possible to trigger jackpot bonus game, which like always guarantee to win at least lowest one. By the way i never see lowest jackpot less than 200$, so basically it is simply more than 1000 x total bet playing at minimum bet.

    Punisher war zone has 20 paylines and in this game involved wilds. Wilds is the only combination which can pay money here, and i can with pleasure inform that this is only one marvel game with stacked wilds on all reels, so yes, here is possible to get full screen of wilds and that combination will pay a lot of money, something like 10.000 x total bet. Also in this game possible to trigger free spins, for this player need to collect 5 skulls.

    This skulls appear rare, so it is not easy job to achieve free spins rounds on this game, also i was really disappointed to see that free spins here is only have count of 5 and multiplier x 2, this is very low, even taking fact that not need to get 3+ scatters for triggering free spins.

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