Customer service was good))) they have some good games. I just felt it was a bit boring to play every time I had a win it proceeded to dead spin me until I lost the win with interest. I also played on roulette which the same happened. If your looking somewhere to have a bit of fun then this is not the site as it is extremely boring.

They have some good games but there live roulette made some defying the laws of physics spins. I have video evidence if anyone wants to see them.

Could be a good site all the games are what you would expect it just felt mentally draining. I only lost 320 so not much compared to my usual I don't think I will use it again. It's getting really hard to find good casinos nowadays there is too many in my opinion it seems they are all more or less the same and with this one nothing stands out to separate it from the crowd.

If someone asked me for a recommendation as they do with my YouTube chanel I wouldn't pass this one on)))