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Thread: my very honest betfair casino review

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    I did a few repeat spins on Betfair live casino where my bets were shown on screen and then suddenly the chips disappeared off the table. The screen froze and the bets didn't show as being accepted and then suddenly the money for the repeated spins were taken out of my account. Normally if the screen freezes it would say bets are not accepted after a few seconds when the screen stops freezing but is lagging a few seconds behind. But on these occasions it did do this. I have lost around £560 because of this. At that time I kept on playing because I wanted to hit my repeat numbers but now I feel like I have been robbed. I've chatted to then online and written emails to them but they either do not understand my situation or they just do not want to issue me a refund so they just tell me everything is fine from their side and they cannot see anything wrong with the bets.
    I am very upset with them and their customer service is appalling.


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    It is a simple casino to play money to see my friends to play real money. dojin

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