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Thread: My intro about Planet of the Apes Slot by NetEnt

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    Post My intro about Planet of the Apes Slot by NetEnt

    Planet of the Apes is 5 reels and 20 pay-lines video slot powered by Net Entertainment software. This amazing slot is inspired with the same name movie block buster which had a couple of reboots thus making it a movie with the large fan base. Slot was well-thought through with 2 sets of reels. It has a brilliant design and graphics, and there is an interesting intro movie which is definitely worth watching. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit any of the NetEnt Casinos if you wish to play for real money.

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    The Free Spins features may look interesting though. The Rise Bonus game awards 10 free spins. All appearing Wilds during the free spins are collected and played in the last final free spin, hopefully for a nice big win. The Dawn Bonus game awards 15 free spins, with all Ape and Human symbols transforming into one same random symbol in each free spin. Collecting special symbols would activate its corresponding feature, either a Multiplier, an Extra Wild, or Extra Free Spins. Then there are also 2 randomly activated features during the base game play - the Rise feature pays for all Human symbols on the reels, whilst the Stacked Wild feature copies the Stacked Wild reel into the Dawn play area on the right. Well, none of these features are new, of course, being nothing more than just mix-and-match from games like Lost Vegas and Copy Cats, to name just two games.

    Honestly speaking, I do not like any game that has more than 5 reels right from the very beginning, so imagine me seeing a game with 10 reels! It left my mouth opened! That's just as bad as seeing a game rolling down like a toilet paper! Hahaha. On top of that, my few plays on this new game have not given me any good wins, very much to my expectations, so there is nothing there to make me love the game, or to make me come back and play it more. Planet Of The Apes, movies or slot game, shall not make it into my favourites, not in the way it is presented now.

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    When Yggdrasil released its 'Power Plant' game, I called it the 'printed toilet roll' game, because the symbols roll downwards like a toilet paper does. When I saw this new game from NetEnt, I called it the 'kitchen roll' game, because the symbols and the play area spreads sideways, like a kitchen roll does. Whatever it is, both are only used for cleaning up some mess - so you can imagine my first impressions on this game when I first saw it. In my mind, you play this game, you'll make a mess, then you'll need the kitchen roll to clean it all up! Hahaha.

    Yeah, yeah, I know that most players do not even think like I do, much less to picture this new game as a kitchen roll game, but my impressions of the game were further strengthened by the very poor paytable and the very low win values of all the symbols in the game. The Wild symbols pay 30x the total bet, the Scatters pay 50x, the Apes pay 30x, the Humans pay 9x, and the lower symbols pay 4x, all per total bet for 5 of each kind of course. What's the possible maximum single win from such a paytable? I couldn't even be bothered to find out, but I know that it's going to be damn low!

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    I know there are lots of lovers of Planet Of The Apes movies and TV shows. I have seen all of the original movies and I have also seen its TV shows before, but, I'm never a fan of any of it! Why? Well, I do love science fiction stories and movies, but talking and smart-as-human apes is something that is an absolutely non-possible happening, as far as I know, so I can never accept this theory, even as a science fiction! Hence, I do not like anything on these talking-apes thing, including its movies, and including this new slot game too!

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