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Thread: What you should know before starting Fruit Farm Slot by Novomatic

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    What you should know before starting Fruit Farm Slot by Novomatic

    Before you start planting, take the time to set up your bet. Use the - and + buttons beside Line Price to change the amount of cash you're wagering on each active line. If you want to add more lines to your bet, use the Bet One button. Click Spin to begin, or use Bet Max to play with all 30 lines activated. You can also use the Auto Play section to spin several times without interruption.

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    My opinion

    Farm slot“ is a 30 paylines slot from GamesOS casinos that is very weak. Maybe it is the weakest slot I played here: starting with a 99 Euro bonus after only 150 spins I have reached the zero balance. To make only a comparison with one of the best slots from these casinos (of AdamEve type) at China Megawild you can play with the bonus at least 1000 spins in the worst case.

    „Farm slot“ is weak not only because of its very small wins (or said differently large losses at each spin), but also because it is a very complicated slot that offers to less to the player. The slot is full of features but one of these features is so complicated, that is not worth too much presentation. In short, every winning combination of 3 fruits or vegetables get you a seed. The seed can be planted on a farm and every next spin played will bring a small share of the money wagered. Each time when you have 2 or more bags of seeds on the reels, this share is multiplied (first by 2x and then up to a maximum 5x multiplier). As a general rule every spin played brings an average of 1 cent per share (from a minimum total bet of 1.5 euros!) So you just do the count of what will offer these shares. Close to zero if they are not multiplied. Even in the best cases, from every 15-20 euros spent you will get back about 1.5 Euro. Almost nothing!

    The other two features are the Free spins (7 Free spins are given by 3 Sprinklers - scatter) and the Bonus game which is offered by 3 „Moles“ on the reels. During the Bonus game you need to hit all the moles that appear on the seeds plantation. If you are not accustomed to hunt moles will not get more than 3 Euros from here. In the best case the payoff will be about 10-15 Euro.

    During normal spins wins are almost nonexistent. As I said, here I lost 99 Euro (at minimum total bet of 1.5 Euro) in less than 150 spins . Even the graphics are not very great. My recommendation is to pass this slot and to pay attention to the „China MegaWild“ or „Archipelago“.

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    Another great thing is that the wild doubles the wins when substituting and it is stacked on all reels. It would be ideal to manage to cover a whole reel with wilds too. Amazing slot and it is worth playing. enjoy....

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    This is 5 reels and 20 pay lines game with one main bonus feature called Funky Fruit bonus. you need 3 or more farmer scatter symbols and they do not have to be on an active pay line, they can appear anywhere on the reels. You start with 8 free spins and x 2 multiplier but you can end up with as many as 33 free spins and x 15 multiplier.

    I got only x 7 multiplier that one time I triggered the free spins, I cannot even imagine what will happen with my balance if I manage to trigger the free spins with x 15 multiplier. You can retrigger the free spins as long as you get at least 3 scatters during the session. This makes this game perfect and worth playing. Frankly I have forgotten this slot and I definitely believe it is time to put it higher on my list of favourite slots.

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    Fruit Farm is a game from Novomatic that has everything a player needs. The game got me on the first free spins round. I got 15 free spins with x 5 multiplier initially, and then you have to pick fruits to see your award so in total I had 23 free games with x 7 multiplier. I got 60 x bet in the first spin only. The whole second reel was wild and I had some good symbols on the other reels too. In total I got 179.20 euros win. What else can you look for in a game, and let`s face it, jackpots happen once in a blue moon. Winnings like this keep you going.

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    Analyzing the wild symbol, we see that it appears normally stacked and it has linked a x2 multiplier to be applied to winnings made for combinations in which it participates, but in practice we see that the wild is not a very active symbol on this game and its effects go almost unnoticed, and this condition is exacerbated a little more during free spins.

    At first glance we can see all the interest "Novomatic" had to make its slot "Fruits Farm" to look good, the design team created a cheerful farmer and 5 fruit-shaped characters each with a clearly defined personality, reels are shaped as wooden boxes, clouds appear in the sky all the time in motion and overall this slot looks simply great and you can almost feel the fresh smell of the country emanating from the screen of your device, however payouts of this game does not seem to live up to expectations created by such an impressive presentation.

    First, there are 11 standard symbols and only 5 of them are high fruit- shaped symbols, and among these only 2, orange and lemon, pay for a line of 3 of a kind a slightly higher value to the price of our total bet per spin; then if we start spinning the reels, we observe how difficult it is to obtain a combination of 4 of a kind with the symbol of some fruit and at that point we might conclude that our expectation of profits in this slot becomes negative, however, we are still pending to contemplate the effects of the wild symbol and the bonus round.

    As for the bonus round, which is triggered by getting 3 scatters with the image of the farmer, it is a feature which in theory is very interesting because here we usually get many free spins and very large multipliers by choosing two among the five fruits, but this feature has a couple of drawbacks in my opinion that limit the power of this round, the first is the poor hitting average similar to that experimented during the base game, and the second is the low probability during the base game to get the 3 scatters necessary to trigger this round.

    Frankly, for me it has been quite frustrating to see how this slot that looks so nice eats systematically all my credits, unable to discern any sign of improvement; I think the best thing a player can make with a slot as this one it’s to make a few spins and if he gets an acceptable winning then get away immediately with loot, and if he loses, also leave the game and not try to regain his losses, this game does not seem to grant any rematch to player.

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