I had big problems with payments from their online casino! There are far better places to play online that simply pay out the winnings when you win!

I should not have really been surprised when I visited the Genting Casino in Brighton after my horrendous online experience. It is a real back street plane with dodgy customers and even more dodgy staff. I made the mistake of winning a little and was watched like a hawk by several members of staff and the manager until I felt so uncomfortable I had to leave the table.

If you think I am being sensitive I am not! Whilst at this casino I witnessed a drunk guy win about 10k when he cashed in and asked the manager to call him a taxi he was told that he would not get a taxi as he had won enough money and the manager then pointed to the door and said that the guy could walk down the road and maybe he might be lucky and a taxi would be there. It was 4am and the guy was drunk. These people are real scum, you have been warned.